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What Should Brands Post on Facebook?

If you’re a brand manager that’s new to Facebook and wondering what to post on your brand’s Facebook page, then look no further. Starting social media marketing can be scary, but it just about knows what works most effectively. Here is a quick guide to the sorts of content you should be publishing on a […]

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7 Security Tips to Secure Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a robust blogging and CMS platform powering over 70 million websites — from single blogs to large corporate portals. However, with growing popularity comes growing woes. Web-based malicious attacks had gone up by 81% last year and with WordPress being a very popular platform, it gets its fair share of attacks.As a WordPress […]

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What Results to Expect with Basic SEO for New Websites

There are a lot of tips out there for the best search engine optimization strategies, especially for new sites. What they don’t tell you though, is that the results you should expect are not instant and not a one-time investment. Search engine optimization takes a long time to achieve quality results, especially when it comes […]

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Seven Reasons You Should Start Blogging

Not sure if you want to start a blog? Here are some reasons why others blog. Yes, you can earn money blogging, but people who’re not interested in earning money online have developed some fabulous and popular blogs. This is what they get out of it.# Blogging is an excellent learning tool Continue Reading…..

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How to Secure Your WordPress Blog


WordPress powers nearly half the blogs online today. This means two things: Strong user community will enable development and evolvement of the platform, and introduction of great new features. There are bound to be a good number of people who take fiendish delight in trying to crash it all. Hacking domains and blog owner sites […]

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Smart Strategies for Selling Your Blog: When, Why, And How

Your passion for writing resulted in a beautiful blog that you love working on every day. After some time goes by and life grows ever busier, however, you may begin to ask yourself whether your blog is worth the time and money that you continue to invest in it.It only makes sense that before you […]

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