Offer of the month: Get 100+ Premium WordPress themes for just $29

Isn’t interesting to get 100 premium themes at the low price than original site’s price? And all are WordPress? You will get 100+ Premium WordPress themes at a price of just $29 from – a website full of deals for designers and developers while the original site is selling 100+ Premium WordPress themes […]

How to Create a Great Freelance Portfolio Using WordPress

A WordPress portfolio may be a should for each Freelancer. It’s vital for a freelancer to own his own website wherever they will offer detail of their services and showcase their portfolio. There’s sort of WordPress themes offered therefore there’s no such reason mutually cannot have a decent portfolio for themselves. A freelancer’s job is […]

Phishing Scam Targets WordPress Sites

A recent article on the Sucuri blog reveals that hackers are attempting to gain access to WordPress sites with a phishing attack. The Sucuri article does an excellent job of explaining the technical details of that attack, so in this post I’d like to take a look at what phishing is, how it can affect […]

Tips for Selecting the Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Blog

Finding the right theme for a blog often feels like searching for the girl who fits the glass slipper. The right theme will draw audiences in, leaving them hanging onto every word, podcast, and video. The wrong theme, on the other hand, will repel them faster than shoes that are far too tight. Finding the […]

5 WordPress Plugins You Should Be Using

WordPress combines the functionality of automated website design with an ease of use that allows even people with no knowledge of HTML to build professional-looking sites in short order. WordPress has its critics, though. Some people complain that WordPress is too prosaic and doesn’t allow for more sophisticated behind-the-scenes programming. Those critics tend to be […]

Managing Your WordPress Site’s MySQL Database

At the heart of your WordPress site is a MySQL database. It stores most of the information that your site uses to populate and structure pages. For the most part, you’ll never need to interact directly with the database outside of the confines of the WordPress admin dashboard. For novice users that’s an advantage, because, […]