5 Ways Vine And Instagram Can Help Your Company’s Image

Instagram video and now Vine are in the minds of everyone when it comes to looking for laughs and share short videos with your friends. But do they have any practical application for companies? To be more direct, what can you really tell your customers in just a few seconds of video? In this post we want to […]

4 Pointers for Using Twitter to Get More Blog Followers

Your blog is awesome. It’s unique, it’s fun, it’s informative. It’s also a needle in a really, really big haystack filled with a million cool blogs. A great blog without readers is a sad, pitiful thing. Lucky for you, there’s Twitter. You’ve heard of it, right? The most widely used and best-known social networking site […]

Using Google+ to Improve Your Website’s Page Ranking

Let’s say you are already involved with other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but now you aren’t sure how you can best use Google+ to increase your SEO and page rankings. Initially, Google+ was used for a social nature, rather than for business, but now that has changed. It’s time to […]

Twitter Vine: Just One Way in Which Video Marketing Can Help Your Business

In January, 2013, Twitter introduced their new Vine video technology, which – as some would say – is to video what Instagram is to photos. Staying true to their mantra of quality over quantity, you can now submit videos that are six seconds or less. They loop, which is the neatest part about the technology. The tech-savvy […]

The Link Between Social Media and SEO

Virtually everyone with an online presence now has multiple social media accounts. One-seventh of the planet’s population is on Facebook. Twitter drives entire news cycles and national political discussions. A presence on Google+ can determine where a writer’s article will rank. The days of social media being a teenage hangout or a place for grandma […]

Must-Follow Pointers for Utilizing Twitter to Market Your Business

If you plan to use Twitter as part of your business’s social media strategy, here are some things that are essential to marketing your company’s products and services. Maintain a Regular Twitter Presence To effectively use Twitter for business purposes, first set up an account and use it regularly. It won’t do to set up […]