The Earnings and Credits of Ghostwriters

A ghostwriter does not perform the same thing that a traditional writer used to do. Usually, they write for others and their writings formally credited to another individual. Executives, Political leaders and Celebrities take the help of a ghost writer to write or edit their autobiographies, or other written material. Ghostwriters also write songs and […]

Effective SEO: Balancing Writing for the Machine and Writing for the Reader

As a professional blogger, it can be challenging to balance one’s writing for readership and writing for increased exposure through search engine optimization. Those who can establish this balance will have a blog readers want to follow along with steady sales and exposure. The challenge lies in striking this balance and maintaining it to provide […]

Sharing Your Expertise and Make Some Money Online: Write an eBook

Author R.D. Cumming once said, “A good book has no ending.” Like all great quotes, what Cumming was trying to say is open to interpretation. But books are awesome, and that is not open for discussion. For aspiring authors, however, the insular and hyper-competitive publishing world has always been among the hardest industries to break […]

Quality Content: Just One Part of the Marketing Machine

Old adages rarely prove comprehensive: while “quality over quantity” is certainly true, it doesn’t give the complete picture of content marketing. There are several other factors you need to cover if you want your quality content to capture the attention of search engines, prospects, or existing customers. You need to prove that you can deliver […]

Content Marketing ‘Laws’ That Will Maximize ROI

Your business is up and running, and it’s time to grow. Driving revenue is the goal, but we all know that attaining the highest return on investment (ROI) is no easy task. However, for content marketing, there are tried and true rules that are important to follow in order to maximize your ROI. Lace ‘em […]