Social Media Addiction – Do You Overuse Your Social Media Profiles

Many people know that using social media marketing campaigns is an excellent way of promoting their business. Unfortunately, if you do not manage your social media profiles properly, you may watch your follower count decrease instead of increase. Fortunately, to help improve the experience, here are 4 bad habits to avoid when using social media:

1. Posting too frequently

Most people know that they must consistently post to keep relevant and encourage engagement. However, if you post too often, people may also see you as a spammer that is not worth following. If you want to avoid being pegged as a delinquent, consider the following:

  • Post more free content instead of sales pitches
  • Make a post one or twice a day (preferably 12 hours apart to reach different audiences)
  • Use available tools to discover the best times to post on different social media platforms

Social Media Addiction

2. Not providing quality content

When people become so caught up in posting on a consistent basis, they may post content that lacks in quality. Unfortunately, quality is a major determining factor for doing well with your audience and ranking well within search engines. If you cannot make enough quality content to keep up with your posts, you can limit your post number or consider outsourcing content creation.

It should be known that people also like a wide variety of content formats, such as:

  • Written content
  • Audio content
  • Video content
  • Image content

No matter what content format you choose to use, personalizing the content and sharing stories will make for compelling pieces. By sharing stories, you will help create a stronger bond with your audience by reminding them that you are human as well. In addition, search engines such as Google particularly like personal stories and will rank such content more favorably.

3. Not focusing on engagement

While it is great to post content for your audience, you have to remember to engage with said audience as well. For example, when people post about your content, you should make every effort to respond accordingly. Responding promptly is especially crucial when dealing with complaints or inquiries that can negatively affect how people view your business.

To get people excited about your posts, you can also host contests. By getting people to like, share, and comment on content across different platforms to enter contests, you will improve your numbers and audience engagement.

4. Making it all about you

When promoting a product or service, it is too easy for a company to make everything all about them. Unfortunately, people quickly get tired of such behavior and may look elsewhere to satisfy their needs. However, if you want to keep people interested, you need to:

  • Share other people’s content that is related to your niche
  • Share content that has been provided to you by followers
  • Go off-topic once and a while to show that you have other interests

By avoiding these 4 bad habits, you will not overuse your social media profiles in ways that can ultimately harm your business.

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