Four Simple Strategies for Successful Performance Marketing

Social media marketing is the way to go in order to achieve success as a business. However, just having social media accounts is not enough to ensure a profit. Luckily, here are four simple strategies for successful Facebook performance marketing:

Choose the right ad format

When using ads, it is crucial that you use the right format in order to make the most of your time and money. While they are many to choose from, you will need to find the best one to improve your conversion rates.

Common ad formats include:

  • Photo page ads that are specifically designed for the Facebook newsfeed. The images are used to attract attention, so they are best used with bold message placement.
  • Link page ads that are best to use when images are not quite as important for delivering the message.
  • Sponsored stories that reach a reader through the actions of their friends. For example, a reader will receive certain ads because of what a friend views or engages with, such as apps, events, or different pages.
  • Mobile app installation ads that drive users to download and install apps. The ad is best used when trying to promote a particular app.
  •  Offers that help your content go viral. If you create ads that require people to “Share” posts, you will naturally achieve better engagement and reach.
Facebook Performance Marketing
Determine the best ad placements

Although Facebook ads are traditionally seen to the right of a page, the placement is not necessarily the best. In fact, ads that are placed in the newsfeed are nearly eight times more engaging than ads placed on the right side. By varying your ad placements and testing the actual ads, you will discover what works best for you.

Select the right targeting tools

In order to achieve success, you need to target the right customer base. Fortunately, Facebook makes the task easier by offering the following tools:

  • Customer targeting that is designed to be the most beneficial during prospecting and remarketing.
  • Native targeting that is used to find users that could potentially be interested in your business.
  • Facebook Exchange that is used to find users that have already showed interest in your brand through other outlets and websites.
Optimize your Facebook page

To create a successful campaign, it is crucial that you optimize your Facebook page wherever possible. For example, while cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) are common rates of bidding on Facebook, CPM is recommended more often.

To get the best results for your campaign, you need to try different methods and combinations in order to encourage the most engagement. Depending on your brand, products, and services, different combinations may be more effective for you than with others. The differences in effectiveness is why it is crucial to try and perfect your own methods instead of completely relying on the words of others.

With these four simple strategies for successful Facebook performance marketing, you can get the results you want.

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