Live Blogging Tips for Journalists

We have in place 24 hour news channels providing us with news from every corner of the world as it happens. Over these few years, popularity of the digital media has grown leaps and bounds. On the other hand people can access the internet while on the go. Internet users can keep in touch with what is happing across the world. Thanks to the concept of live blogging.

What is live blogging?

The concept when someone posts live entries of the event that is happing is known as live blogging. Journalists associated with the digital media use this concept of live blogging to report news as it unfolds. Because of the popularity and high internet penetration many news organizations are taking advantage of live blogging. If you are an independent journalist or associate with a news organization, you can follow these tips and improve your live blogging skills.

Live blogging tips for journalists
Tip #1
Do not stick to just one live blogging platform

As a journalist who is in the practice of live blogging, you must not stick to just one single platform. You can use the various platforms that are available to upload your posts live. The more number of sources you make use of, the wider the reach of your live blog will be.

 Live Blogging

Tip #2
Keep the live posts short

Live blogging is all about reporting news and events as it happens. As a journalist who is involved in live blogging you should focus on two aspects. One is the live news itself as it breaks and the second being conveying the news as it happens to the audience. This involves multi-tasking. It is advised that you do not waste too much time phrasing and typing your live blog posts. Instead you can concentrate on the news as it is happing. Use your journalism skills to write the live blog posts. Avoid writing blog posts that are too lengthy. This will save you a considerably good amount of time and this will give you more time to focus on the news that is happing.

Tip #3
Provide adequate follow-ups

Live blogging does not start and end with reporting news live per se. The news or event can have follow-ups. It becomes necessary for you as a journalist to provide adequate follow-ups on the events. Once readers are comfortable with your live blog, they will regularly visit your blog. To keep your visitors coming, you must post the follow-ups of the news that you are blogging about. This will give your readers an impression that you are a well informed journalist.

Tip #4
Use the various forms of social media to link your live blog

You can link your social media accounts to your live blog. This is one of the ways you can divert traffic to your live blog. A majority of people are active users of social networking sites. You can give an introduction about the live news event on your social networking site account. Leave a link about the same on your social networking page. This will automatically divert people to your live blog.

Happy blogging anyway!

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