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RoseHosting Review – Linux VPS Web Hosting Company

Review of: RoseHosting

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On February 20, 2013
Last modified:February 20, 2013


RoseHosting can be defined as a professional web hosting company which offers their services to both personal and commercial needs.They have been providing high quality web hosting solutions for the people since 2001.

RoseHosting can be defined as a professional web hosting company which offers their services to both personal and commercial needs. They have been providing high quality web hosting solutions for the people since 2001. They are equipped with high quality equipment to provide a hassle free service to the clients. It has helped them to maintain an excellent customer reputation over the past few years. It was the company which introduced Linux virtual servers to the world. Linux VPS Hosting assisted them to build a strong customer base and they offer their services to some of the leading companies in the present world.

Linux VPS Hosting can offer several benefits for your company. You will get full root access to the virtual server and you will have the freedom to control it according to the way you want. You can run any application or service that you wish on the service without any hesitation. The Linux servers offered by RoseHosting can be configured according to the needs of customers. The demand for Linux VPS Hosting increases day by day because of these benefits.

RoseHosting Linux VPS Hosting

The Linux VPS Hosting package remains more features like:

  • Full Root Access
  • Redundant Disk Space
  • Dedicated IP
  • VPS Control Panel
  • FREE Server Monitoring
  • FREE Weekly Backup
  • Firewall Protection
  • FREE Website Migration
  • Multiple Linux distros
  • Development Tools
  • FREE DNS Hosting
  • FREE Webmin CP

RoseHosting offers a wide range of hosting solutions for the consumers. You can find several plans in their website and you may have a plan that will fit perfectly to your needs and requirements. These web hosting plans are divided into four categories as SilverVS, PlatinumVS, DiamondVS and UltimateVS. If you need Linux VPS Hosting for personal use, you can go for Silver or Platinum plans. The Diamond and Ultimate hosting plans are dedicated to commercial use. You can go for the ideal plan after analyzing your needs and requirements.

RoseHosting is a well reputed hosting company and they offer an excellent customer service for all the clients. They know the value of customers, so people who get their assistance can get the peace of mind they deserve. You can contact the 24/7 customer service to clarify all your issues and doubts about Linux VPS Hosting offered by RoseHosting. RoseHosting guarantee a 100% up time for all the web hosting plans and you will not have to worry about anything. The 30 day money back guarantee will ensure this fact for you.

The price of web hosting plans offered by RoseHosting is perfectly affordable and the benefits you get are totally worth for the amount you pay. You can even get amazing discounts from their website. RoseHosting even offer some additional services to their customers like free virtual server monitoring, free website migration, free unlimited DNS hosting, free weekly backups, free direct admin control panel and many more. These additional benefits will assist you to save a large amount of time as well as money. Customer testimonials that are available on Internet about RoseHosting bear evidences for the quality of their service. Therefore any individual who is looking for Linux VPS Hosting can contact them without thinking twice.

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