Facebook Graph Search and the Immense Possibilities Ahead

When ‘search’ and ‘social’ club together awesome things happen. And as you are completely aware of the fact that this unthinkable is going to happen with as our very own Mark Zuckerberg announced the arrival of ‘Graph Search’, which is going to change the very definition of search engine optimization and social media marketing. Thankfully, Facebook seems to be not in any mood to take on Google headlong by launching another traditional search engine [we have a few of them in the form of Duckduckgo.com, ask.com and its likes]. Rather this is a completely new approach to search engines. Wondering what this new product from facebook is all about? Let us get a clear picture of things –

Graph Search

What is it actually?

As I have already made myself clear that Facebook Graph search is not going to be another Google clone, Graph search is not going to show you some links of external sites which is quite common on traditional search engine. Rather it is going to show up things that really matter to you. When you will be making a search in facebook’s search bar, which will be gracing your Facebook page soon, it will return results in the form of places, people and pages already exist on Facebook. Now the question is how these results are going to populate the search result page. Though facebook is tightlipped about this, marketers believe that the result will be determined based on level of personal relationship.

How it is going to work?

Say you are searching for people who like the British Boy band ‘One Direction’. I hope you are not going to make a Google search for this because Google does not have the answer. Instead, you need to make a Facebook search and it will show you list of people who have shown interest in that band. Similarly, you will be able to make a Graph search for finding out people who happen to have visited a restaurant nearby and this will make it easier for you to make up your mind whether to walk into that restaurant or not?

 Graph Search

What Marketers Should Know About It?

If you still cannot see the opportunity lies ahead, let me help you see it. Take it this way. Facebook has over a billion people and they are very much active on it. They are uploading images, sharing details and interacting with one another. So, there will be billions or even trillions of searches are going to be made on facebook and whenever a search is made, your branded content will have a chance to appear in facebook’s unique SERP. Now, can you realize the impact of this Graph search? So, for sure, this will be going to be a game changer.

Graph search is going to help you reach out to people in the form of branded search results and this is going to further reinforce your relationship with your targeted readers.  Your page will appear whenever users will be making searches in the ‘Graph Search’ and this is going to give you another opportunity to reach out to your targeted audience.

What I personally believe is that Graph Search is going to change the way Brands have been treating users. It is high time, you should start treating them as normal human beings and not just data and numbers that you highlight on your social media marketing report. You will need them to be active on your fan page and make them engage with your brands because these are going to be the key metrics that Facebook is going to use to decide whether your page qualifies for to appear top in the given search query or not.

For paid advertisers, this is going to be door to salvation. If Facebook start taking cue from the users’ search queries to figure out what they are looking for, advertisers will be able to take a sneak peek into the intent of the users. And when you have the details of both users intent and social data, you will be able to target your visitors more precisely.

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  • http://techcontrolled.com/ Rachel Ramos

    Just when you thought search couldn’t get any crazier it just did. Well done Facebook. Can’t wait to try it.

    • http://www.designdebunk.com Michael Evans

      Yup but yeah it is a fact that it is taking too long time to approve the search option … God knows why they are taking so long time …

  • http://techcontrolled.com Mark Neyton

    Graph search seems really awosome…but I wonder when it’ll be available? I’ve signed in a list month ago and still nothing.

    • http://www.designdebunk.com Michael Evans

      as i have just said .. I am not sure either why they are taking so long