• http://www.marketingprovisions.com Patrick@Web Design

    Responsive web design is definitely the latest thing that I am researching. Thanks for the tips! There are so many web design elements that need to be considered. Not only does it have to look great but it has to function well, such as ease of use, speed and by all means SEO search engine optimization is key. Just because you can design a great looking website doesn’t mean it is a great website. In the Myrtle Beach Area, web designing is very competitive and the clients are depending on being found and very important, keeping the visitor on their website.

    • Sara Young

      Hi Patrick, I’m very pleased that the article was able to help you. It is indeed true that websites need not only to look good but also be responsive. In the internet, you’re only as good as the tools you use. So it is wise to be very careful in choosing tools to use.