Why Your Site Must Have Social Media Buttons

The sad truth that though it is possible to find everything on the internet, that doesn’t mean that everyone will. It can be a huge hassle to sort through multiple companies, so those at the bottom of the list rarely get so much as a look. This means that on the internet marketing is especially important. The more people who see a website, and the higher it sits in a search engine, the more money it has the chance to make. This being the case, the number of sites that don’t take advantage of the untapped marketing resource of social media buttons is simply mystifying.

Perhaps the best example of just how useful a simple social media button can be can be seen in the Facebook button. The simple Facebook “friend us” button are is good example. For every person who comes to a site, they will be seen by each of those persons friends. If any of those people decide to friend them, any other friends they have will in turn see the site and so on.

Social Media Buttons

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This is especially true when you realize all someone has to do is like one of your posts to pass the message along. This can lead to a cascade of free, simple advertising. Not only will this website be on a lot of peoples minds, but they can now use Facebook as a medium to advertise specials, policies, and any number of things. The effect this sort of button has can be erratic, but when it works it is truly impressive.

The other buttons are in comparison rather utilitarian. Looking again at www.arrigoftpierce.com, they also have Twitter and Youtube buttons. The purpose of these buttons are effectively the same, but quite different to Facebook. Twitter and Youtube rarely blows out of control and self-replicates in terms of the people who subscribe. But they are both incredibly strong mediums for communication. People are far less likely to ignore tweets or videos from people they have subscribed to than they would Facebook posts.

This allows a business to clearly and concisely communicate with everyone that have subscribed to their channels. With twitter, this is used for simple messages alerting them to sales and the like. With Youtube, it can be used in more comprehensive ways like to show off a new TV commercial or host a video instruction guide to one of their products.

Though these services do not offer as much free advertising opportunities as Facebook does, they do provide another vital service in customer retention. Customers are far more likely to stay on if they believe they are being kept up to date with updates with the business.

The power of social media can be a little hit and miss at times, but the hits are worth the misses. Considering how little time, effort, and money goes into simple social media buttons, they are well worth looking into. If a website goes viral due to social media, its profits will soar exponentially.


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