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  • Althea Young

    Hello Ryan. It is quite true but then I don’t believe in predictions if we listen it you waste your time. You know what it really matters to a person if he/she wants to have changes his life.

    • Ryan

      Thank you, Althea for sharing your thoughts. It’s true, creating a basis using predictions may not be enough. Things may go differently from what you are expecting to happen. However, some people may find it useful to have like a guide even if it is loosely base on predictions. It may help some businesses create a plan. Let us hope that SEO will be easy for us all this year.

  • James D.

    Hey Ryan, great article and predictions. I don’t think that Bing can give Google a competition this year or even get a higher market share than last year but its a very promising search engine. With a good new algorithm I think it can surpass surpass Google ten years from now. Great post!

    • Ryan

      Thank you for the comment / appreciation, James D.