SEO in 2013 – Five Realistic Predictions

2012 was a year of turmoil, turnarounds and changes all around. The most to be affected was SEO because of the wide impact that handheld devices were making in the way people use and interact with websites. It was no longer a “build a website” and watch visitors coming in for informational stories. On the contrary, websites and businesses had to gear themselves up and go in search of visitors. But the bright side was that marketers could find a good means in social media for doing that. Using social media did mean burning midnight oil to gain access to users attention, and the results ultimately proved the efficacy of reaching out, rather than waiting to be reached.

The idea that social media is going to be the biggest venue for turning in visitors is a bygone conclusion that no one can deny; and it has already been supported  by facts and figures, and marketers are into the game already. However, as some predict, there is  still going to be more changes in the SEO scenario for 2013. Here are some realistic predictions you may want to consider for SEO even as we step into another year of hope and prosperity, and drastic changes as well.

Prediction # 1: Bing in All Probability to Gain Better Market Share

If you have been concentrating on a single search engine for too long, then it is time to give your attention to search engines like Bing. Predictors are unanimous that the next big thing to happen will be Bing challenging Google in the open. Each search engine has its own set of rules to follow and Bing is no exception either. Give Google the place it deserves, because it controls 80% of all searches as of now, but don’t forget that Bing is a serious contender to take on Google. However, don’t expect that some other search engine will be replacing it immediately. It might be years, but that will happen only if Google goes for a nap.


Prediction # 2: Social Media will take a Firmer Hold in SEO Practices

Since it will be unrealistic for every business to aspire reaching the top rank position on search engines, SEO practitioners will turn more toward social media for getting better attention and viewership. The advantage of being present in the social media is not difficult to see, especially in view of the fact that they can prepare their visitors ahead of bringing them to their website. The benefits that will accrue are that there will be a higher conversion ratio for those selling goods and services.

Prediction # 3: Google will tighten its Noose Further Against Spam Sites

At least this is something that goes far beyond prediction. Indeed we did see solid action taking place like the Panda for example, but, with Google, everyone knows it is not enough. Secondly, Google will be under severe pressure from the likes of Bing who will like to steer traffic away. Google also knows that even a small swing is enough to set the ball rolling against it. So be prepared to come up with original content for your website. Google depends a lot on original contents to drive its revenue upward, and they will go to any extent in achieving their aims, and even beyond perhaps.

Prediction # 4: Google will Push Google + Harder than Ever Before

With so much at stake and newer social media sites making inroads into a domain that was once Google’s fortress, Google might feel threatened, and to counter, they will react by pushing forward the Google+ brand like never before. So keep yourself tuned into Google’s plans beginning 2013. The search engine giant has the means to turn the tables on anyone and anytime they want.

Prediction # 5: Handheld Devices will Overtake PCs in a Big Way

In 2012 there was a substantial fall in PC shipments, even though there were great improvements to the hardware, like reliability for example. That points to the fact that people with computing needs are looking elsewhere, with mobiles being the most likely candidate for this change. So if you are into websites, see that your website also has a mobile friendly clickable button. Better still; have a website that will instantly sense a mobile browser and redirect traffic.

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  • Althea Young

    Hello Ryan. It is quite true but then I don’t believe in predictions if we listen it you waste your time. You know what it really matters to a person if he/she wants to have changes his life.

    • Ryan

      Thank you, Althea for sharing your thoughts. It’s true, creating a basis using predictions may not be enough. Things may go differently from what you are expecting to happen. However, some people may find it useful to have like a guide even if it is loosely base on predictions. It may help some businesses create a plan. Let us hope that SEO will be easy for us all this year.

  • James D.

    Hey Ryan, great article and predictions. I don’t think that Bing can give Google a competition this year or even get a higher market share than last year but its a very promising search engine. With a good new algorithm I think it can surpass surpass Google ten years from now. Great post!

    • Ryan

      Thank you for the comment / appreciation, James D.