Online Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2013

The past year was not too bad for online marketers, who incorporated several new techniques in their marketing activities and were able to make their presence felt. The year ahead promises to be even more exciting with new venues and opportunities opening up. Most small business owners and online marketing specialists would by now have learnt what was lacking in their efforts the past year and will be more than ready for the coming year. However, there are several new trends that are emerging and one needs to take a closer look at how they can adjust to the changing scenario and make the best for the year 2013.

Focus more on inbound marketing

By now, most online marketing companies would have realized the importance of diverting traffic to their sites, which is the lifeline for any company that wishes to make a mark on the web.  The year ahead will emerge as a crucial phase where greater emphasis is laid on content that needs to be appropriately created and placed strategically in order to get optimum results. You will learn how more leads get converted into fruitful deals because of these efforts. The last year saw the unsolicited business approaches fading into oblivion. People no longer appreciate strangers soliciting them online, looking to divert traffic to their sites with the intention of converting such traffic into solid business propositions.  The focus will be more on communities and forums in addition to social media and blogs that will play a major role in online marketing. You need to make your presence prominent at places where people spend most of their online time.

Online Marketing Trends

Responsive web designing will rule the year

There is a lot of talk about responsive web designing and more emphasis is given to how a person will react to your website, before he or she decides whether to continue and enter the site or skip and look elsewhere. As people using smartphones are increasing by the day in addition to the people preferring other portable devices like tablets, a common platform is sure to give a better experience and positive results.  Responsive designing is nothing but revamping or redoing your website in order to make it very easy to navigate on devices with much smaller screens, without losing the essence of the content.  Screen resolutions should no longer prove to be limiting factors for users as more of them are expected to use smartphones and tablets.  Site owners need to focus on the preset pixel dimensions that are going to rule the online world in future.  Redesigning through responsive web designing has already commenced with more people opting for this after realizing the pressing need for it.

Data to be viewed from a larger perspective

It is the increased web presence of most companies that prompted SEO to pull up their act, adapt to the changing scenario, and create more meaningful and relevant content. The initiatives like pay-per-click and other paid search options, extensive use of the social media networks, and several other digital marketing techniques have ingrained themselves into the system. However, each is a discipline on its own and the people specialized in each specialty are spread out even if they are in the same building or city. There was hardly any interaction between the people, with one reaching out to the other only when the need arose, with none thinking of integrating to form a common platform. The emphasis is now on consolidating the efforts of all and making a concentrated impact on all online marketing activities.  This will eliminate a lot of confusion, save a lot of time and the campaigns will become a lot smarter and effective.  A perfect blend of social media, SEO, video, PR , PPC, together will convey a common message that cannot be missed by the online  communities.

Content will always remain the King

Content has suffered all the changes and yet has come out unscathed. It is like gold that never loses its intrinsic value. However, when content is created passionately and with a lot of care, the results are simply amazing. The year 2013 will be no different as far as content is concerned.  The search engines will continue to revere quality content and condemn the ones that have the faintest hint of plagiarism or inferior quality. Evergreen content will always get its due place on the web and continue to rule the game of online marketing. Overall, 2013 promises to be an even greater year for online marketing companies and professionals, whether belonging to SEO, PR, or any other related branch.

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