Tips to Boost Sales with Blogging

If you thought blogging is all about building an attractive site with easy to navigate buttons and lots for readers to cherish, then you are mistaken. That is not all to it, if you are bent on adding more customers to your business. A more important thing you need to do is building up personal rapport with your readers, and therein lies the trick. The more you get personal with your readers, the greater are your chances of bringing in more sales.

Here are some commonsense tips you can consider to boost sales using your blog as the principal media for that purpose.

Post your photo:

People like to see your face and that can build confidence in them about your competence. But that in itself is not enough, you will have to tell them why you blog and the reasons for doing it. Give them as much of information as you can about your education, your job and the experiences you have gathered during your life time. Speaking on and on about products, while remaining faceless is not the right way to be a great blogger.

Make Videos:

A blog well written after through research and analysis is always welcome. You are likely to receive plenty of applause, but to give that extra punch to your storyline, give your readers some visually appealing videos. Videos and pictures when relevant to the context and content leave a lasting impression upon the readers and viewers. Research has shown that visual media leaves a long lasting impression and can also substitute for text.


Don’t Forget Your Readers:

One of the commonest mistakes that bloggers do when writing their blogs is forget their audience. Most often, SEO considerations overtake commonsense totally. Stuffing your posts with excessive keywords, too much reference to your personal achievements or your product’s greatness can all be anathematic to readers. Remember they are at your blog looking for information. Your personal opinions and recommendations matter little. In fact, harping too much on those lines can turn away your readers for good.

Make Your Reader’s Life Better:

Talking about your products, services, your company, how you made your millions and so on and so forth may be alright for you. But ask yourself whether your readers can relate it to their own life and give them a better life. Don’t do hard selling for the sake of selling. Try giving your readers some value for the time they spent at your post. If you have done a good job, sales will follow even without your asking for it.

Be Proactive in Your Approach:

Don’t expect every reader to be at your blog regularly. Chances are that most of those who were at your blog found you casually while they were in the internet’s wilderness. So how do you get regular visitors? Offer to send free newsletters, and while doing so, keep the registration process as simple as you can. A plain request for email is all that you need to send newsletters regularly. Respect your readers’ right to privacy by giving them an option to sign out each time you send them a newsletter.

Talk About Your Customers Frequently:

One good reference is all that you need to rope in hundreds of customers. But getting that great reference is an uphill task. If you have just received words of appreciation from a customer, let it be known in your blog. Better still, give that customer’s email address a prominent place in your blog space so that others can contact him/her and verify things for themselves.

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