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On September 21, 2012
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Host1Plus offers limitless hosting service with 99.9% guaranteed up-time. It also means that clients have a stable and reliable network for visitors.

Established in the year 2008, Host1Plus is a web hosting service provider with its services in USA, Netherlands, UK, Singapore, Germany and Lithuania. The service provider’s expansion to different markets in the world made them a possible world’s best web hosting service provider.

The service provider boasts quality support and service and provides many kinds of solutions related to web hosting. Like many other leading service providers, Host1Plus strives to become something more than just a market leader. With their standard of quality and maintenance of service, the company aims to stay ahead of expectations, whether it is from the clients or from reviewers.

The hosting firm is ever expanding its global network on a consistent basis. It is aiming to stretch its service throughout the European Union and other places worldwide. The company also offers a great hosing environment for client websites where customers have an option to choose local servers for hosting websites. Website owners are offered with fast connection as the web host is capable of supporting any traffic attracted by the website.


Hosting industries, in general, are growing fast. Host1Plus with its quality service and affordable pricing is a leading hosting service provider in most countries. In addition, the company offers exclusive coupons to complement their inexpensive services.

More on the features

There are several features that distinguish Host1Plus from other website hosts

  • Host1Plus offers limitless hosting service with 99.9% guaranteed up-time. It also means that clients have a stable and reliable network for visitors.
  • Webmasters can enjoy faster and unlimited bandwidth with more disk space. Visitors can browse the website at any time in a day and purchase their needs. The website downloads without any hassle.
  • Host1Plus provides unparalleled technical support for its clients, whether it is through email, live chats or telephones. You can be in touch with its qualified technicians at any time of the day for any kind of technical assistance. The support staff is always available for your assistance.
  • In general, the company’s services are fast, secure and flexible, three factors that will keep customers happy.
  • Many customers have rated it to be the best host service provider, especially for those that are just launching their websites.
  • Unlimited hosting plans at reasonable prices.
  • Get domain names free of cost for any website hosting plans.
  • Excellent backup services for cloud VPS hosting and shared hosting.
  • Clients are offered with cost-free site builder with more than four hundred functional templates.
  • Website transfer facilities for new clients for free
  • Free add-ons.
  • Limitless web space for shared hosting plans.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for cloud hosting and shared hosting services.
  • Clients have access to limitless domain names and email accounts.
  • Flexible environment for cloud hosting packages
  • A wide range of hosting services ranging from CPanel hosting, DirectAdmin hosting, Ecommerce hosting and many other hosting services you can think of.

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Offers and Promotions

Host1Plus has a reputation of keeping its clients satisfied with their prompt services. There are special offers and promotions for clients. Such offers and promotions make sure that customers save money on hosting expenses.

Apart from its wide range of services and value-for-money offerings, one thing that is great about the hosting service provider is its guidance. Yes, the website provides perfect guidance to its visitors on what kind of hosting service they can choose to best fulfill their requirements.

With so many things to its credit, the services of Host1Plus are worth considering when you are looking for a reliable web hosting service to start your business.

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