Simple Tips to Promote Affiliate Products without a Website

Most of us who spend a major chunk of time at home fall in love with affiliate marketing because it is a great way to make money without investing much. You don’t have to be too qualified to market affiliate products and most importantly, you will not need a website. All that is required is a little bit of involvement. One of the common hindrances which most of us face is that we easily tend to get diverted after subscribing to a few affiliate networks.

There are several ways to effectively market affiliate products without shedding your money.The following are some of the ways to promote affiliate products for generating maximum income.

Be an active part of forums and discussions

Devote a little time to search for forums which are connected to your product. Make it a point to find at least a handful of such forums with high ranking and register in them. Once you sign up, you have to create your own signature line and that is the right place to insert your name and the links of the affiliate products. Once this is done, you can start submitting questions and provide your own personal comments and answer the questions of other members. It is not advisable to directly market your product in your posts. Instead, offer useful suggestions which will pull in the audience. Try to participate in the forums several times a week. It’s all about the trust that you develop with the visitors. When you have more viewers visiting your site, the sales figure will automatically rise.

Promoting Affiliate Products

Write your own articles

 This is the ideal way to drive more traffic to your products. If you focus on generating good content that is beneficial to the viewers, it’s good for your business. Make it a point to post your article in various directories because it increases visibility. The quantity of the content doesn’t matter. You can write even a 300 word article but you need to have an appealing title. The title conveys a lot about the article and it will decide whether people want to read further or not. When people search for a particular topic, your article should appear in the search engine list. The resource box in the directories is where you need to paste the affiliate links. Once posted, the articles remain in the directories for years so you can sell products for a long time.


Even though you don’t need a website, you might encounter issues with certain directories because, they will not allow viewers to visit the affiliate links. is one such directory. During such instances, it is better to create a squidoo page. This is one of the top ranked sites. Write articles for squidoo or post the same article used for other directories. Squidoo acts as a liaison between the directories and your affiliate site.

Use Linkreferral is one of those sites which can generate traffic for free. You need to be an active part of this site to drive considerable amount of traffic. It is simple and easy. Make it a point to visit at least 30 sites inside the network in one day. Choose five out of these sites and post comments in them. Make one of them as your favorite and participate in forums. This will increase the number of visitors for sure.

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  • Tan

    I think active in forums may not work as more reputative forums do not allow affiliate links in both post body or signature.

  • Nicole Wilson

    Tan, Yes I do agree with you, most reputative forums do not allow affiliate links but there are still some forums that allow this. This is one of the reasons why its very hard to promote affiliate links without website but not impossible by following my suggestions.