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On September 6, 2012
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Zyma Hosting tech is a UK based web hosting (premium) company; Zyma has turned out to be one of the most popular and reputed names in the web hosting industry and is fast becoming the best web host on the internet.

Zyma Hosting tech is a UK based web hosting (premium) company; Zyma has turned out to be one of the most popular and reputed names in the web hosting industry and is fast becoming the best web host on the internet. Zyma was founded in 2010 and has its head office in Basingstoke England, and in the past two years Zyma has won numerous awards and has a customer base in no less than 85 countries spread across four continents. Zyma’s web hosting packages are known for their enhanced features and easy to use interface available at the lowest prices.

Zyma provides web hosting services on a monthly base for under £2.00 (£1.79) or $3.50 (American). The hosting package remains the same with popular features like:

  • Web hosting with cPanel.
  • Tech support is free for the whole year.
  • Uptime guaranteed for 99.9%.
  • Google vouchers are free for the duration of the year.
  • Unlimited Number of email accounts.
  • Numbers of websites accessible are unlimited.
  • Personal web space is unlimited.
  • No restriction for traffic flow.
  • The number of SQL databases used is unlimited.

Zyma is a web hosting company that has achieved great success by existing customer referrals and by word of mouth. Though Zyma provides services at the lowest prices available on the internet for web hosting; it is looking to provide more features for its users without compromising on the rates and quality. When compared with other web hosting companies who provide similar packages at these rates you will find most of the important features missing like an out dated version of cPanel. There is a charge involved every time you contact tech support. For users who are not satisfied with Zyma’s services, their money is returned in full.

Zyma Hosting

 Another important tool that is worth mentioning is an SEO tool called Attracta, this SEO tool is a free fixture in Zyma’s interface. Attracta is used to optimize all your websites for search engines and mainly helps to build on the page ranks for Google. Other important features for Attracta are submitting XML sitemaps for all the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing. Regular updates and listings for Google blacklisting and Malware can be checked using this tool. In addition to getting daily SEO tips Attracta also helps in building links to generate traffic from social media networks like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.

Cloudflare is a popular tool that provides security and enhances the performance of a website, a website that has Cloudflare enabled will have its loading speed accelerated by 30% to 35%, reduces the websites bandwidth by 60% and requests are reduced close to 65%. When you set up Cloudflare for your websites it gives you options for a trail period and then you could opt for the free service which is pretty good in itself. For users who have services provided by another webhost and are not satisfied with their current provider, Zyma does a free transfer for all your websites using shared hosting.

Zyma’s technical support has two divisions chat (live) and phone; they can be contacted any time regarding technical issues. Zyma’s phone support provides 24 hour service for 7 days although chat support is only for 12 hours. Zyma is one of the best web hosting companies in the world.

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  • http://weblog.brummiewebdesign.co.uk Phillip Dews

    I nearly did go with these as their prices are very good and they have a good reputation. But I do prefer my choice of Krystal as they have a lot more features and are one of the first hosting companies to offer SSD web hosting!
    But saying that these guys would have been my second choice. and may well still be should I chose to move hosting but I do have very high expectations when it comes to hosting!
    Great review Jem!
    All the best
    Phillip Dews