How to Promote Your Blog without Doing SEO

Keeping your blog active with loads of new posts is itself a challenging job itself. You have to come up with creative posts all the time otherwise, as you are well aware, your website may get torched for harboring thin content. And of course, here is the new rule in the horizon – you cannot promote your blog like the way you used to. I mean, you are no longer allowed to submit your post in thousands of social bookmarking sites or sharing links with other sites. So, you are left with little choice when it comes to promoting your blog. But this does not necessarily mean that you will only write great content and then sit back and relax.There are still some options left that you can give a go and these marketing techniques have got nothing to do with Google or whatsoever.Wondering what they could be?

Here go they:

Email Marketing

Email Marketing:

You have got quite a few subscriber of your blog, you stand a chance to launch an email marketing campaign whenever you post something awesome. Since you have the list of email ids, just create a great template and then shot that email and here you go. However, there are few things to consider like – you should refrain yourself from adding images imaginable, do not use offensive language, do not use flashy texts etc. Rule of thumb – just keep it simple and sweet.

Guest Blogging

Launch A Contest:

People love to participate in contest given the fact that the prize is super awesome. Guest blogging content is a hot trend these days; however, you can try other ideas as well to see how things turn up for you. The benefits of launching Guest blogging contest is that you can encourage them to increase social sharing of the post like crazy and as there is lot of money involved, it is highly likely that they will come up with their best posts that will add more value to your website.

Put your blog URL in your email signature:

This is an overlooked yet highly effective marketing move that can help you steady stream of traffic to your blog. All you need to do is to place the URL of your blog in your email signature and it will do the trick. A simple trick yet powerful enough to get some visitors who might have otherwise impossible to reach.

Bloggers Meetup

Be At Bloggers Meet-up:

I know that you are a busy guy but if you are serious about making your blog big, really big, you need to take some time out of busy schedule and participate in some bloggers’ meet-up. Apart from getting a nice platform to promote your blog, you will get to know some wonderful people and might come across some other marketing techniques that you might have never heard before.

Active Commenter

Be an active commenter:

Whenever you come across sites, I think it is your moral duty to check what other people are writing about; you may never know you might strike pure gold. There is no better way to engage with the author than leaving a comment or two. Chances are that other people may like your comment, then click onto your profile, and then reach your blog and you get visitors. Bingo!

Facebook Addiction

Be a Social Media Addict:

Social Media is more than just Facebook. As you are a blogger, you need to enable Google Authorship and whenever a post goes live, make sure that you are sharing it in all major social media sites. And please do not spam. Just post the update, and if it manages to get a comment or two, you should make it a point that you are replying to them all.

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  • Shalu Sharma

    Good tips, I have not even thought about doing some of them. I am glad I read this post. I will be implementing some of these things. SEO is hard work and some of the tips you mention seems quite effortless such as putting a signature in emails. I think its a good idea. Also putting an out of office email response might be good idea.

    • Michael Evans

      It feels great that you like the post. Yes, I want to reiterate the fact that you can promote the website without doing the traditional seo. I hope you will definitely try these. :)

  • Colin Smith0000

    Very nice SEO articles and very good website please thanks for sharing post

    • Michael Evans

      @Colin Smith0000

      Thanks mate. I appreciate this.

  • Cityrocka

    Great post, but I am wondering if I should run a contest now. Isn’t it better to wait until you have good numbers in your traffic?

    • Michael Evans


      It is your call man :) But what I believe is that you can run them regardless of the traffic. It is a bait to get more traffic. However, I do respect your opinion as well.

  • Madi Brown

    Excellent info on here, thanks. I am working on commenting more. I believe that a schedule might benefit if you have a problem with time management.

  • Michael Evans

    @Madi Brown

    Yes, time management will certainly help you get the work done.

  • Jyothis Thaliath

    I was one guy who hated doing SEO for my startup blog. I made it a point to update it atleast thrice a week. I have a big list of friends in FB and Twitter. I made sure to share my links to the social media as often as I could. Still I wasn’t getting that much needed pageviews. So I’m pretty convinced one can’t rely entirely on social media alone.

  • Michael Evans

    It is nice to know that you did not tread the traditional path of doing spamming or SEO otherwise :)

  • Muhammad saleem

    Nice tips but I think regular blog commenting is best way to get more useful and proper SEO of your blog among the tips that you describe in this post.

  • Murali @ PF Balance

    These are really Insane Tips. I have attended few blogger meets like IndiBlogger and few Google India Meets and got many new friends. This is really a good way to promote our blog. It is possible to increase our network by daily commenting on various related niche blogs. Thanks for the article. Cheers :)