• http://eapost.com Philos Mudis

    Great tips there Mark. Bloggers should consider attracting the people who would be genuinely interested in what they do.

    If you have a blog reviewing kids story books, following some of the authors, editors, agents and publishing divisions dedicate to kids books would be great for a start.

    One could also follow other bloggers who they consider ‘really successful’. And after that one has to come up with creative ways to get the attention of these people without sounding desperate as you say.

    What other tips would you give to someone who wants to achieve this, besides the ones you already mentioned?

  • http://www.buyrealmarketing.com Mark Griffin

    Thank you Philos, for that great insight about the topic. Although, the article recounted a summary of how to get followers, I would say that a user needs to single out the importance of content. You see, as a user, it is your bargaining chip for people to really think that you are worth following.

    *Another tip would be to post and tweet during the time when your target market is on Twitter. If you are targeting the US, study reveals that the best time to post is between 1pm to 3pm .

    Hope that helps.

    Check out some great posts here. I am sure there are a lot of tips on DailyBlogScoop.

  • http://www.abdolrauf.wordpress.com Abdol Rauf

    Wow. Great. I have always considered this as impossible. But today after reading this rare post, I atleaset dont think it’s impossible; but yup it takes time.

  • http://socialmediacombo.com Sussie Soltreri

    Great article my friend.. None the less, personally, I’ve found that purchasing followers and likes is the best way to avoid your company being seen as a “”failure”” on Twitter which is important for larger, well known companies.

    I’ve helped a few sector-leading organizations get set up on twitter and Facebook and they all asked “”What will people thing if we only have a handful of followers in 6 months time …””