Celebrity Connect: How to Get Followed By Celebrities on Twitter

What would you do if I tell you that you can be followed by Justin Bieber? Or that Lady Gaga will reply to your tweets? It sounds far-fetched but not really impossible. You can actually get these celebrities on Twitter to follow you. Besides, they are merely humans like you. They eat, sleep, and make fools of themselves. So what reason could there be for hesitating to reach out to these so-called “icons and idols?” Nothing.

If you need something, anything to boost your confidence so you can attempt at connecting with Hollywood stars, you can first heed the advice here in this post.

#1 Build Worthiness

Are you worthy to be followed? What’s in it for me if I follow you? These are questions you should try to consider. It’s by proving your worth to others and to yourself that you can ultimately gain the confidence to approach celebrities on Twitter that you idolized.

You would not expect Lady Gaga to follow you when you only have a paltry 200 followers do you? That’s pretty unimpressive and will only mar the name of the celebrity should she decide to follow you (that is, believe me, very impossible).

Celebrities on Twitter

#2 Don’t Appear Desperate

Be cool and do what you think you are good at. When you try too hard at something you have less knowledge about, you will only appear stupid and desperate. If you are super at cracking jokes, then build on that. There are a lot of popular Twitter users who are known for their humor and wit. Examples are Sarah Silverman, Michael Showalter, Todd Barry, Greg Fitzsimmons and many others. They have a lot of followers because people enjoy their crazy thoughts and funny interpretations of reality. They don’t need to buy Twitter followers to have an audience. They do that with their own skill.

Who knows celebrities might love the way you pull off a satirical conversation about them or on other popular people. They so love to be mentioned and talked about, despite their aversion to paparazzi.

#3 Learn How Celebrities on Twitter Behave

If you really need to have a celebrity follow you, it is important to know their tweeting behaviors. Catch them on the hours they are actively tweeting and replying. Make sure that you have a fully loaded weapon to use in order to get their attention amidst the millions of people attempting to get noticed.

Also, learn the type of people they normally respond to. Are these people serious, funny, and hateful, etc.? This gives you a clue who celebrities take notice of. There are those celebs that keep track of people who slander their name and status. There are also those who only entertain praises and goodwill.

#4 Find Celebrities on Twitter Who Follow Back

Isn’t it great that not all hope is lost? You see there are still a handful of celebrities who follows ordinary people like us. Take a look at the list below:

  1. Justin Bieber
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Miranda Cosgrove
  4. Lady Antebellum
  5. Sean Kingston
  6. Lil Twist
  7. Chantelle Paige
  8. Ellen Degeneres
  9. Greyson Chance
  10. Sean Kingston
  11. Cody Simpson

These are celebrities who have ordinary people in their following list. Justin Bieber even admits to have followed people he finds interesting.

#5 Use Celebrity Connections to Good Purpose

It is flattering to get followed by people who have millions of followers, and more so when these people are Hollywood actors, actresses and music artists. But do you know that you can use your connection to establish your own name? You can get more Twitter followers, easily market your business and spread news about your blog. That’s what a celebrity follower can do for you.

So do all the preparations necessary. Tweet and get retweeted. Have as many followers as you can without a bludgeoning number of following. Then you can start your mission of getting followed by a celebrity.

What would you do to have a celebrity follow you? Do you have more tips on how to get celebrities as followers on Twitter?

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  • http://eapost.com Philos Mudis

    Great tips there Mark. Bloggers should consider attracting the people who would be genuinely interested in what they do.

    If you have a blog reviewing kids story books, following some of the authors, editors, agents and publishing divisions dedicate to kids books would be great for a start.

    One could also follow other bloggers who they consider ‘really successful’. And after that one has to come up with creative ways to get the attention of these people without sounding desperate as you say.

    What other tips would you give to someone who wants to achieve this, besides the ones you already mentioned?

  • http://www.buyrealmarketing.com Mark Griffin

    Thank you Philos, for that great insight about the topic. Although, the article recounted a summary of how to get followers, I would say that a user needs to single out the importance of content. You see, as a user, it is your bargaining chip for people to really think that you are worth following.

    *Another tip would be to post and tweet during the time when your target market is on Twitter. If you are targeting the US, study reveals that the best time to post is between 1pm to 3pm .

    Hope that helps.

    Check out some great posts here. I am sure there are a lot of tips on DailyBlogScoop.

  • http://www.abdolrauf.wordpress.com Abdol Rauf

    Wow. Great. I have always considered this as impossible. But today after reading this rare post, I atleaset dont think it’s impossible; but yup it takes time.

  • http://socialmediacombo.com Sussie Soltreri

    Great article my friend.. None the less, personally, I’ve found that purchasing followers and likes is the best way to avoid your company being seen as a “”failure”” on Twitter which is important for larger, well known companies.

    I’ve helped a few sector-leading organizations get set up on twitter and Facebook and they all asked “”What will people thing if we only have a handful of followers in 6 months time …””