How to Choose Among the Three Largest Blogging Sites

Beginning bloggers have it tough for many reasons, one being: how to choose among blogging platforms? Once they gain some experience, it’s easier to decide what’s the right platform for their activities, but in the beginning, the safest strategy is some research online and recommendation from trusted sources (friends, colleagues who blog).

In order to help you decide where to start, I’ve put together a short review of the three most popular blogging sites, and I’ll give you a list of several other options that you can look up on your own.

My advice to beginning bloggers is to start blogging on a platform that won’t take too much of your time in terms of figuring out the technical details. The sooner you start posting texts and/or the visual material, the sooner you’ll learn what options you’d benefit from the most.

3 Top Blogging Sites:

1) WordPress has the largest number of users. One of the reasons behind it is that the process of obtaining a blog is super fast. As they advertise on their web page: “You can get a blog started in less time than it takes you to read this sentence.” However, all “sign-up” sites are focused on simplifying this process, so is not exactly unique in this way.


Aside from quick registration, it offers many wonderfully designed templates that you can choose for your site. You can’t exactly tweak the templates all you want unless you pay some extra money, but you have more than enough options to make your blog look exactly as you want it.

2) Blogger

Google’s blogging platform also allows you to register in no time, and it’s even more user-friendly than its rival, in that it allows users to customize their blogging templates all they want; however Blogger doesn’t have as large a variety of templates to begin with, as WordPress.


Many reviewers praise Blogger for its clean interface, its large writing area which suits bloggers focused mostly on the text, and not so much on the design. While WordPress needs some figuring out, Blogger is simple and an excellent choice for users with zero programming knowledge.

Both Blogger and WordPress provide “internal” analytics and SEO services, so you don’t need to do it manually for your blog. You just need to figure out how to view the analytics page and to follow your ranking among other blogs.

3) Tumblr

This blogging site is different from Blogger and WordPress in that it is geared mostly toward the visual type of people. Users who are mostly interested in posting photos, videos, design and graphic art, etc. should probably look into Tumblr first.


It’s also known for its community-oriented feature, where a lot of the users’ activities are focused on liking, following and reblogging posts.

If you’d like to explore more options, check out other free blogging sites like Posterous, Twitter, Xanga, Jux, LiveJournal, or some platforms you have to pay for like BlueHost, SquareSpace, etc.

Happy blogging!

About Ana Brady

Ana Brady is an avid blogging “student”, writer for a project on laser sheet labels and mother/wife/cook in her free time.

  • PSJallah

    I think WordPress is the best option. Because it enable a blogger to do anything as per his choice.

  • Ana Brady

    I also use WordPress, but as explained in the article, some other platforms might be better for some other things; for example, Tumblr is really cool if you’re into videos and graphic design.

  • alanc230

    Blogger has been satisfactory for me, but I’m not that into elaborate design or photos.