Don’t Mess Up Your Online Presence – Super Simple Tips Clean Up The Mess

12 missed calls? I scrambled my Smartphone to figure out the person who was missing me so much. Jokes apart, it was one of my fellow marketers who found himself on a tight corner, and was trying to get me over the phone to get some quick tips. Long story cut short, he failed to grab a full time job just because the recruiter flatly told him that his online presence is unimpressive. But believe me this is quite common. In fact, most of us are not that concern about how we look online or what people see when they search with our names. Does the search result reflect exactly what we are on real life? Or does it represent a completely distorted and disoriented of you? Feeling uncomfortable? I am not asking you to press the panic button because this is not going to come to any help. Calm down, the world is not going to end. Here I am going to give you some quick tips that you can give a try if you wish to keep your online presence neat and clean:

Do Not Juggle with Too Many Social Networking Sites

I have seen people creating profiles after profiles in junk websites. We have already enough of social media thing in the form of twitter, Facebook and Google and that means, unless there is a necessity, I do not think you will ever need another social media platform to kill your precious time. And do not make these profiles look barren; keep them appear fresh and happening with regular updates. This is easy enough to do given the amount of time you spent on them.

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Maintain Consistency

Yes, this is the key to success. If you want to improve your brand online presence, you should not create profiles in fake name. For say, if you are Joe, you should be Joe in the social circle. This will give a boost to your brand presence on the web. You should be internal linking your blogs and social sites so that search engines can easily find a correlation among them. This will help them serve the best result when searched with your name.

Know the Difference between what is Private and Public

You can be a happy go lucky person but sometimes, you just want to present yourself a grumpy and workaholic fellow. And believe me, you can fudge your actual self online by maintain some simple rules. Never ever post shit in public because it can cause considerable damage to your online reputation. Rather post them as private as this will go a long way to save your skin.

Create a Brand Image

You should not keep changing your name. James Bond would not be a charismatic figure if he would have changed his name in every single flick. Thanks God, he did not tread that path and I believe if you are concerned about building up a great brand image, you should stick to one single name – be it your real name or a nice buzzword that reflects you.


Thankfully you would not have to monitor your online presence all by yourselves. There are numerous tools available that are quite powerful to do the same and that means, you would not have to spend sleepless nights anymore. Google’s Me on the Web is a great tool to keep a close eye what people may see when searched with your name., etc are some more sophisticated social media monitoring tools that you can give a try.

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  • Mika Castro

    Very great helpful post. This is a nice way to help bloggers to simply clean up unwanted post or things online and re package the product.

    • Michael Evans

      Yes @Mika Castro, i have been seeing people creating profiles in innumerable social networking sites and then forgetting them for once and all.. this is pathetic.. they should focus on creating great social network presence and not just getting links

      • Mika Castro

        Thank you for the reply Michael. That’s true. They must focus on getting into the real world.