Online Reputation Management: How To Protect and Withstand the Most Vicious Attack

Business owners are finding it increasingly difficult to protect and monitor their online reputation as anyone with access to Internet is now capable of taking down a business singlehandedly by abusing it severely on social media sites, forum and other such Hellenic things. But things were completely different 20 or 30 years ago. It would take a lot for a simple person to make a business take serious note of his grievance simply because gathering support for the cause was a hard nut to crack. But things have taken a drastic change since people now the power of social media. Anyone with good social connection, strong Yelp profiles or great online presence can cause much headache for a big brand.

In fact study suggests that big brands are bleeding themselves dry to keep their online presence neat and clean and for the reason they are spending massively on online reputation management. But rather waiting for the worse to happen and then springing into action, I would suggest having a contingency plan in advance and creating a robust online reputation that can withstand even the most vicious attack on your brand. Wondering how to create such a strong profile, let me explain things to you:

Shopping Online

Good Reviews: Positive reviews are always welcome. And you would not have to chase after the clients to have some great views for your company. If you are offering great services, you can always have clients who are willing to appreciate for the hard work you have done. Rather than containing those great message and signs of love in your website, more particularly on the Testimonial section, you should spread the message in some places like Google Places, Yellow Pages, yelp and host of similar places which are frequented by large number of visitors.

Monitor Social media: There is nothing in social media that can be treated as insignificant. What starts as a rant can be snowballed into a major crisis for a big brand and cause collateral damage of your brand image. A small tweet, a facebook status update or whatever it is, it cause huge damage if it is not treated with due importance. So, active monitoring of what people are saying about your company is something that you should be doing on a daily basis. However, I am not unaware of the fact that how much time and money it can cost you. Just chill, you would not have to do it all by yourself. There are some cool tools available. Try them:

Google Alerts
Google and Me
Social Mention
Trackur Free

These tools are so great that they deserve to have a single post dedicated on them and since I do not wish to extend this post to the point of being boring, I am not stretching on them. Just Google them and you will loads of information about them. Give them a shot, they deserve it.

Do SEO: Yeah, I know the vacant expression. SEO is not rocket since and you are not supposed to play the role of a pro. All you got to do is to keep a track on the links that your website is earning. For say, if a newspaper refers your company, you should jump at the occasion and promote that thing heavily so that a buzz is created. That buzz will subdue everything negative about your company. And having a great blog has its own share of advantages for sure. Try posting great content and then spread that thing via social media and the SERP will be buzzing with that. It is a great tool and all you got to do is to exploit it.

I must say that whenever you find something spilling venom against your company, you should not be a mute spectator. Join and try to calm down the hotheaded guy and if you find him too hot to handle, just pass that thing to your online reputation management company. They are experience enough to handle that thing precisely.

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  • Mika Castro

    Thank for for putting some tools to help me monitor social media. I wonder how Trackur Free works, but some of the tools are common so i still appreciate it.

  • Michael Evans

    yes i know some of them are common but I think firs timers will find them useful