Facebook IPO and What it Means for Social Media Marketing

Social media is livid with loads of things happening all around. First it is the Facebook IPO that made a dramatic entrance into IPO, then its founder tied the wedlock and then Karma acquired by Facebook. Phew! Things are happening so fast that it has become almost impossible for marketers like me to keep a tap on it. If we go by the statistics, Facebook IPO could fetch as much as $100 billion. However, what does this signify for social media marketers like me? For sure, there will be some changes and if you are clueless about what they could be, let me give you a short account of what the future has in store for us especially in the field of social media:

More ads are Coming Your Way: This is going to happen for sure. Since people have invested both their faith and money on Facebook IPO, Facebook needs to respect their trust and keep its momentum of growth. Now, this can only be achieved by showing a robust growth rate that is closely related to pushing more advertisers in its platform. So, there will be an aggressive push for advertisement, unless the people at Facebook figure out another way to make money. So, until they figure out another option, we might have to bear with ads.

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Branding Will Be Tough: If Facebook pushes the ads to fuel its growth, social media marketers will find it really difficult to continue with their organic marketing strategy. Great and engaging content will be the key to drive traffic and chart a solid growth story in this evolving platform and to be honest, without exceptionally high quality content, all your social media-marketing move is most likely to fall flat on the ground. If you are unwilling to shell out cash to buy Facebook credit, you will find it tough to sustain.

Stronger Presence on Facebook: Facebook is on a buying spree and that simply means it is planning to rule the social media just as Google is trying to expand its hegemony in the search market. It has already acquired Instagram, Karma and there will be similar plans to acquire more such tech giants in coming months. Probably, Facebook will try to rule our social presence by letting us get connected to Pinterest and their likes in the near future. If this happens, we will need to streamline our marketing activities since everyone around will be using the same platform to maintain their social presence.

Fewer Changes: Now, I am not sure whether this is good or bad for marketers but the fact is that being a Public company, Facebook will less likely to bring constant updates to its products. It is highly unlikely that Facebook will bring drastic changes to its interface as before because it is answerable to its investors. So, this is a great thing for marketers to think about making long term investment in the Timeline and all that without worrying about Facebook’s next big move.

So, it is quite clear that changes are coming thick to Facebook, as a marketer, we need to get used to this as quickly as possible.

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