Marketing like a Pro: 3 Ways to Market a Start up

One of the most challenging things you have to face after coming up with a business idea is how to market it to the audience you want your business to relate with. Many startups have failed from the start just because of the narrow-minded marketing tactics and poor advertising models they follow. You should know that, for your business to grow in the competitive market the internet has created, you need to combine various marketing tactic that will generate customers and traffic to your business.

What are the best ways you can market your new startup in this era the internet is, and how do you convert the traffic you get from this market source to your paying customers?

Use Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites have become so popular on the internet today, that almost everyone using the internet has a Facebook and Twitter account. This is the ideal place to start looking for customers for your startup. Join as many social networking sites as possible, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Create a fan page for your business and market your fan page, this should be geared towards increasing your fans.

Using social networking sites to draw customers towards your business will help you build a sustainable business because their users are those that visit these sites even when they have nothing to do on the internet and they can do the same on your business website.

Join Online Forums and Directories

Forums and online directories are also a popular way to get your business to become known by online users. Register yourself as a member on many of the popular online forums that you know, and list your business address, website address and facebook and other social networking sites’ URLS in the directories you are a user of.

To create a visibility for yourself on these sites, engage in user activities on these forums and ask questions that relate to what your business offers. You can also use the opportunity to advertise your business on these forums, but you have to follow the rules set out by the admin of the forum you want to advertise your business on, otherwise you will get banned.

Write Blog Posts

Blog posts will go a long way to put you on major search sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Creating a presence for your Startup on search engines without contents will be a very difficult task to accomplish, but you can use your blog posts to market your business on search engines and get high rankings which will result in search traffic to your blog.

The benefit is that you can direct your blog readers to your business website and convert them to your paying customers.


The points in this post are still the best practices at the moment, and are prone to change as the internet experiences more changes due to advancement. But you should be able to draw a decent amount of leads by practicing the tips in this article.

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    Great review about Marketing. We really need to know how or when algorithm changes.

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