Website Images in Photo Sharing Sites – Will You Get Traffic?

Consider a scenario in which you have two options. The first is that you can read 200 pages of text to know the story or you can read 40 pages of a comic to understand the same story. Naturally, any person will prefer the latter. This is mainly because pictures are more attractive and easy to look at than huge chunks of text. Still wonder why many photo sharing websites like Flickr are doing really good on the market!

So, if you want to promote your website, posting your images on these photo sharing platforms might be a good idea. If you are wondering how they will lead to the increase in traffic of your site, read along.

Why is photo sharing so popular?

The world today depends heavily on marketing and advertisements. No website can become successful without marketing campaigns. This is acceptable for large companies with thousands of employees but the same fact is threatening the livelihood of various small website designers and owners. So, those people have to make the most out of free marketing techniques like photo sharing. Now, there are other means of free marketing but why is photo sharing so popular? Let us find out:

  • Internet is mostly used by teenagers and college students and they are the same who are the primary visitors of websites. So, if you post about your website in various photo sharing portals, these teenagers will automatically come to your site or least, they will be aware of your website.
  • Since creating photos is easy and effective, it will save you time and money.
  • You can link these photos to different pages in your website to have diversified link juice.
  • Various people from different backgrounds will get to know about your website if you post about it in popular social and photo sharing platforms.

Where can you share your photos?

There literally are tens and hundreds of popular photo sharing websites on the internet. All you need to do is filter out the best ones for you. Here are some of the well renowned photo-sharing sites:

  • Flickr –Flickr is arguably the most famous photo-sharing portal in the internet today. It also has social connect plugins through which you can share your photos on Twitter and Facebook. Posting your images here will definitely increase the traffic on your website.
  • Picasa – The Google owned website will make sure that your images are on top of the search engine. That is surely a plus when it comes to traffic. It also has Google+ integration.
  • Pinterest – Arguably, the most sought after thing on the internet these days. The website organizes images based on various filters making life easier. Traffic base of this site is increasing with each passing day and you will notice numerous “How to make most of Pinterest?” eBooks flying all over the internet.
  • Photobucket – This is a well-known website in the internet and it offers variety of options including a 99.9% uptime which is quite remarkable.

How to make it work?

Posting the images about your website on these platforms and waiting for something to happen won’t help you one bit. What you do after you upload the images is what that counts.

After uploading the image, make sure you give a proper title and description to the photo. If you do that, it will increase the chances of your image showing up in an internet search. Also post the image in your Facebook and Twitter accounts to increase its reach. There is another important thing that you must remember. Don’t just use images that are available for free (In Google Images or some other photo sharing websites). Copyrighted image can bring you a lot of trouble and you can avoid the same by buying stock photos from reputed websites such as Jupiter Images or; like anything else, discount coupons are available in this case as well, so this won’t burn a hole on your pocket.

So, I’ll conclude saying that is in indeed possible to get traffic by sharing your website images in photo sharing websites. However, like any other method related to internet marketing, you must know how to make it work as well.

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