How Bad Computer or Laptop Choice Can Hurt your Productivity in Blogging

Blogging, amidst all those Google updates and ever increasing competition, is getting more and more cumbersome. If you are looking to earn money via blogging, you need to be in the good books of Google, and to be in the good books of Google, you need to update your blog on a regular basis, and the content needs to be unique and good quality. To put it in plain words, simply rephrasing others’ articles or news is not going to be of help anymore.

People are starting to take on blogging as a full time job, and in order to earn income, which is good enough to let you quit your full time job, you will have to launch and manage more than one blog, and that is exactly what many bloggers are doing at the moment. Supposing that you are running two to three blogs at a time, you will need to have at least one blog post on daily basis, and at the same time you need to spend lots of time on promoting your blogs, managing social media presence, trying to reach out to other bloggers via guest posting or blog commenting, monetizing, and all. Now, that’s quite some labor and you might find yourself working harder than a routine 9 to 5 job.

Productivity in Blogging

You might manage to work for long hours in the start, but if you keep this haphazard routine for long, you will be doing yourself a lot of harm. If you are looking to jump into blogging as a full time career, you need to make sure that you have got the right workplace and equipment to make the most of your working time. Luckily in blogging, you don’t need to have a lot of things. All you need is a good computer/laptop and some quiet workplace. Keep on reading to know how bad computer or laptop choice can hurt your blogging endeavors in more than one ways.


Blogging and Internet Marketing are all about content generation. When you are blogging full time, most of the time, you will be doing nothing but type, type, and type. And a keypad with short or hard keys will definitely be a hindrance. Not only you won’t be able to type as fast as you’d like to, but your fingers will start to hurt after some months of nonstop typing.


Blogging will require lots and lots of browsing, from looking around for the post ideas to searching for the post material, getting some facts and figures to support your theories to reading other’s post for the inspiration, there’s a lot of browsing you will have to do. And in case you are doing it on laptop and its screen is small, or the machine is slow, your productivity will be affected.


I always prefer a desktop PC over laptops for full time bloggers. Notebook is not a bad option either, but you shouldn’t be sitting on your bed or couch all day. In other words, you should be having a table and chair to save yourself from back, shoulder, or neck strains. Remember that these strains will be slowing you down without you even noticing it.


As earlier suggested, you need to do lots and lots of browsing, networking, social media marketing, and typing, and chances are that you’ll be having your media player on with your favorite tracks. While it is not a big deal for modern super fast computers, an old and slow machine will prove to be a big annoyance while you skip between different tabs and programs, and this lag in the response time can make you lose the tempo in next to no time.

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  • Mat Slair

    I think all the laptops and computers are highly evolved now a day (unless you are opting for a Chinese unknown model)..
    Most of the systems available in the market are made by keeping the use and ease of use in mind.. So I dont think this is valid question in today’s time!

  • Bashir

    I’ve recently had sore fingers just by using the touch pad for longer hours (and no i am not using a substandard model). Ever heard of Repetitive Stress Injury? It doesn’t have anything to do with unknown Chinese model.

  • Sean Murphy

    The quality and feel of a laptop will be realized only after it being tried. I choose to do that so I don’t get disappointed.

    • bashir

      True that, you must try the keyboard and all, instead of going only for looks or specs.

  • Mika Castro

    I also encounter this on profile linking. My fingers get swollen because of tons of links to be registered.