The Art of Creating Profitable Niche Websites

Are you interested in creating a passive income stream online? As the nation faces serious economic challenges and uncertainties, it is in your best interest to open up new sources of income. The best part about making passive money online is that anyone with an Internet connection can do it. The real key to making money via the Internet involves an understanding of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

You will need to find appropriate niche keywords in order to begin your journey to making money online. This is absolutely vital because Internet users worldwide will be using these keywords to locate and land on your website. You have to find keywords that boast a large number of searches, but face little competition. You can tap into these keywords to make money online. Let’s say that the niche website you want to create pertains to making money online and you are considering two potential keywords to target: “make money online” and “SEO and blogging” (823,000 global monthly searches and 3,600 global monthly searches on Google respectively). Which keyword do you think would be more profitable for your niche website? The answer is “SEO and blogging” because while it has significantly fewer searches, it also has significantly less competition. As a result, your niche website would have a better chance of ranking on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Now that you have a basic understanding of SEO, we can examine some of the ways you can really create a profitable niche website.

Buy a Domain and get Hosting

The first step you need to take after you have done your niche keyword research is to buy a domain. You have two options here: Buy an aged domain or a brand new domain. The benefit of buying an aged domain is that it has been around for a while, which means that it is an established domain. Google tends to love these domains. Of course, the downside to this is that you cannot choose the domain name. If you want to choose your own domain name, you need to buy a brand new domain. This would essentially be in the form of You must now select hosting for your website. A popular hosting option is HostGator. Their basic plans start under $10.

Install WordPress and Signup for Google AdSense

Once you have signed up for hosting, it is time to design a sleek and professional looking website. The best way to do so is by installing WordPress, a free blogging platform. You can purchase premium WordPress templates online for usually less than $40, which can turn out to be a great investment. You should then signup for Google AdSense program, which provides online publishers the opportunity to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on any website. You can purchase a WordPress template that is AdSense optimized to maximize your revenue potential.

Signup for Niche Affiliate Marketing

You can create a niche website that generates further revenue by signing up for niche affiliate marketing, such as Amazon Affiliate Marketing. If you can lead a user to purchase Amazon items via your niche website, you can earn a nice commission for the transaction.

These are just some of the many ways you can create a profitable niche website. Of course, you have to remember that content is king. Your website should have a fresh supply of content that is added on an ongoing basis. This will help your niche website perform well on the major search engines.

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  • Mika Castro

    I do believe that if you are creative enough to think out of the box you can always come up with something interesting and mind blowing even in the boring niche. While working with some boring niches the only problem that I face is the budget and restrictions from the client end.

  • Vincent Luciani

    I like the tip about combining keywords. The only thing I would add is that you niche should be in connection with something that can become, or is already, your passion.