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Every blogger should be working closely with social media. It’s a great way to promote your new posts and get greater traffic back to your site. However, simply utilizing social media as a marketing tool isn’t enough for it to work. For social media to make a difference for your blog, it’s important that you are doing it right.

“Blogging and social media are the perfect combination for your online business. You just have to know the proper way of marketing your blog posts…”–

On Page Social Media

Social media promotion starts directly on your page. It’s critical that you have these options available to interested readers; it promotes sharing and engagement. However, if you place your social media buttons in the wrong places, or make them difficult to find, you won’t reap the benefits.

  • Style: Make sure that the buttons are recognizable. There are a variety of custom buttons you can use or create to match your blog theme – this is a good idea unless your readers can’t distinguish which network each one is for.
  • Placement: You can place your buttons in a number of effective places – top of the post, bottom of the post, and the upper right side of your site.

Social Media

Twitter Link Wording

It’s safe to assume you either manually or automatically send your posts out to the Twitter masses upon pressing “publish.” Do you have a plan for this? Many bloggers simply assume linking to their post or site is enough. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Twitter is a great way to reach many people with one Tweet, but in order to get click-throughs, you have to do a bit more work.

Twitter: An infographic created by Dan Zarella explains these details.

  • Keep your tweet between 120-130 characters long
  • Place link at 25% of the way into the Tweet
  • Tweet in the afternoon vs. morning


Once you’ve begun using social media outlets for promotion, you’ll need to measure your results. This is important in seeing whether your work is paying off, if you should tweak your strategy, etc. There are a number of expensive ways to measure your social media efforts, however it would be smart to start with the free options.

  • Google Webmaster Tools: This is a free tool you can use to see your keyword use, links back to your site, and search queries. This will give you an idea of how people are finding you, and whether your social media links are actually bringing people back to your site.
  • Jetpack: This is an exclusive WordPress tool, however it is very effective in your social media measuring. Here you will find incoming links, outgoing links, viewed content, etc.
  • Hootsuite: The basic package is free, and more than enough for the beginning analytics tracker. You can track 5 social accounts and 2 RSS feeds. Here you can run a number of reports to get an overall view of your social media presence.

When it comes to blogging and social media, it’s only worth your time if you do it right. When that happens, your social media accounts will be a valuable tool in driving traffic, creating brand recognition and much more.

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