Cool Collection of Creative WordPress Photo Editing Plugins

WordPress is inherently beautiful but that does not necessarily mean that you should stop putting efforts to make it more beautiful and feature rich. The goodness of WordPress lies in the fact that it has almost everything to solve your problem no matter what it is. So, if your intension is to make your blog post look good by adding some images in between, this post is dedicated to solve that. Here, in this article, we are going to feature a comprehensive list of plug-ins that will make it easier for you to create a photo gallery without wasting much of your time and effort.

NextGEN Gallery – This plug-in is best suited for managing and creating galleries and albums. Fully integrated photo gallery can be created in a jiffy in your WordPress Blog with this plug-in. Each photo gallery has title and descriptions associated with it and if you want you can easily arrange and sort the images from that gallery.

NextGEN Gallery

Fotobook – Would you like to integrate your Facebook account to WordPress blog in a way that would make your life easy while importing images directly from Facebook to WordPress? This plug-in will automatically link your Facebook page to your WordPress blog which will certainly make it easier for you to create photo gallery based on that. To make the entire effect look and feel more dramatic, you can integrate at least 5 Facebook accounts into it.

AWSOM Pixgallery – This plug-in is probably meant for photography blogs. For blogs that maintain a large number of images, this WordPress plug-in will surely come to your rescue. This plug-in is handy when it comes to preventing copyright infringement. This WordPress plug-in automatically adds watermarks against the images, allows some comments and creates thumbnails against each image. This is a precise solution for image based blogs.

AWSOM Pixgallery

Flickr Gallery – Are you tired of fetching images from Flickr to your WordPress blog and looking for a solution that will relieve you from the tiresome task of photo management? With Flickr Gallery, you would not have to flip between blog and Flickr for the sake of managing images. It makes the task super easy. This plug-in is a powerhouse of performance. I had successfully created image gallery with this app for my coupon website that has some awesome discount coupons on some photo sharing sites like mixbook, snapfish etc.

Shutter Reloaded – This WordPress plug-in does a small trick. It makes the images look great and prominent by making necessary changes in the lighting effects. If you wish, you can make changes in the colors and background. Captions and texts can be altered accordingly. Looking for something more interesting? Well in that case, let me tell you that you can try multiple captions against one image and the WordPress plug-in will automatically decide which caption is best suited for that page.

Shutter Reloaded

Lazyest Gallery – This plug-in is another great addition to the repository of WordPress plug-ins. Apart from simplifying the process of adding alt tags, comments, descriptions and captions against the images, it keep intact all the details when the images are moved from one location to another.

Lazyest Gallery

About Michael Evans

Michael Evans has seen how images can enhance his blog’s reader’s experience. Many of the images that Michael uses on his blog come from iStockphoto, for which he offers a discount code on this page of his blog. For photo editing, Michael recommends you use the free tools by Snapfish, and he offers the most recent coupon for saving on their photo book creation software. iStockphoto is a huge stock photos library with images from healthcare, food, and fitness, to nature, technology, and business.

  • Mika Castro

    I love it! I’ve always wanted to see post like this as it helps me regarding photo editing for my class. I hope to see more helpful information from you.

    • Michael Evans

      Thanks for stopping by and comment. I have tried my best to feature the best of the best plug-ins, however, feel free to suggest more.

  • Stephen Summner @ oclasermark

    Great list. Looks like you have curated well. I personally like Flickr though and the plug-in does help sharing images directly into it.

    • Michael Evans

      Flickr is the market leader and it is good but my favorite is Shutter Reloaded.

  • Tan@green diarrhea

    Thanks for sharing. Wow, that is a great list and at least a few I must try. I will try Fotobook and AWSOM Pixgallery for my personal blog. By the way, can Flickr Gallery search with filter by licensing?

    • Michael Evans

      Tan thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      – By the way, can Flickr Gallery search with filter by licensing?
      Yes they do but there are options to search images that do not fall under copyright. Give it a go.

  • Ricksart@Portrait to painting

    Great lists here Michael! I am very creative when I tried to post blogs and articles on line so these list of yours will surely help me out as to what being creative is really all about. I hope to read a lot from you!