5 Ways To Improve Your Portfolio

Being a freelancer and making a supplemental living requires specific skills which will help in promoting your work. You might be exceptional talented in your own area of work but unless you have a catchy portfolio you might miss out on potential clients. As a good freelancer, your portfolio should highlight your talents which will attract clients towards a meaningful working relationship. Creating a good portfolio does not have any set standard; rather it depends on how you present your work and your values to others.

If you already have a great portfolio, there is no reason why you cannot improve on it, to correct the little things which might make all the difference. Here are some ways in which you can creatively compile a unique portfolio.

Include a profile picture

Many freelancers fail to include a profile picture in their portfolios which actually counts for a lot more. You see, as a freelancer in a remote place you may never get to meet the people for whom you work. Therefore, it is always a better idea to put in a face to a name which will add more personality to your virtual efforts. This is important in business matter and can be really powerful when it comes to online work.

Let others know who you are

Creating a freelance portfolio which does not really tell much about yourself can narrow down your scope. It is always worthwhile to give a little information about yourself, like including a full CV and your range of talents. Highlight your principle talents and let clients feel a sense of broadness in your professional growth and scope. An interesting presentation of a small biography about you will help in the search market for prospective clients.

Update your portfolio periodically

Do not let your portfolio sit dusty as it will begin to wear out its sales charm if you do not polish it up often. Let your portfolio evolve with you by including the varied range of experiences you have garnered during the time passages. It does not mean that you have to expand but you can replace some old samples with newer ones, which become more refined as your experiences grow. Keep it streamlined and simple but catchy enough as a new piece.

Be a grammar wiz

Your portfolio needs to ooze professionalism even if words are not your forte. A prospective client might just not appreciate too many typing errors and poor grammatical structures. If you are a multilingual, make it a point to create different versions of your portfolio in the languages that you are proficient. It is alright to commit the occasional spelling errors online, but your freelance portfolio should be squeaky clean in its presentation.

Tailor your portfolio

If you are applying for a specific contract for a creative project then your portfolio need to focus on those particular requirements. You can include links to your website which will show that you are a professional and passionate about your work. Tailor the requirement of the project on your website, to show clients that you had it tailored specially by including relevant examples from the client’s industry.

Your portfolio is the most important tool towards the process of marketing yourself and these few examples can come in handy for improvement.

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