Internet Marketing – All the Secrets You Need to Know

The art of marketing with your mouse is an important activity and is as crucial as any other direct product marketing techniques, simply because of the number of competitors available today. Marketing also calls for huge money investments and the challenge lies in how effectively Internet marketing can be done with minimal investment.

Here is a quick guide on marketing your products in the best possible way.

Internet Marketing

Marketing Through Email

Marketing by sending emails still seems to be the best possible option for creating maximum awareness and exposure. This is tried and tested and is a powerful strategy of online marketing. Make your emails do most of the talking by sending e-shots (a popular way of sending photographs of your product) and this is the another way of explaining your product.

Make use of your Powerful Website

Powerful Website

Try to feature your product on a well ranked and recognized website. This is one of the best methods to showcase one’s products. Capitalize on the traffic generated by the website by making your product clearly visible. You may even think of featuring them on the homepage and creating specific landing page for the product. Further placing them in headers, footers or toolbars may constantly remind visitors on your creation.

Social Media Can Help you in the Business


Social Media, specially the use of Facebook is yet another business strategy that might help your cause. People spend a more amount of time on Facebook and this should do well for your marketing purpose. Facebook allows its users to have a default welcome page where about 14 tabs can be added. These tabs allow you to place any design from an iFrame. You can also dedicate a whole page to advertise your product.

Another common service from Facebook is the use of its Wall Posts. You may update your followers with your new product and help them with relative posts. Here, the goal is to get as many comments or likes as possible and that in turn will help you sit on the top News sections in the News Feeds. You may even engage your followers by answering to comments, asking questions or having debates.

How about tagging people into your posts and having your post on their wall?

Social Media


In the internet arena, Twitter is always a happening thing that expands across a vast network of people doing things very quickly. If this can be used to your advantage, it can broaden your level of exposure. As the twitter displays activities for only a short period of time, you may think of tweeting regularly. Make it interesting by tweeting on new developments, updates and by mentioning relevant people. This will also help in getting re-tweets.


1.Introduce hashtags in the tweets that might help in additional feeds or trending topics.

2.Make sure you respond to all the comments and creating an interest among followers by showing loyalty.

Adding a link to your email Signature

This is a simple and effective way of directing visitors to your product. You may even get your partners, colleagues and friends to add your link in their signatures. With every communication being made, you will have these signatures with links, making more exposures than you require.

The power of Video

It is a well known fact that conveying messages over the video is more applicable than any other formats for marketing. Try to make your own video and upload them in YouTube featuring your product. You can not only link the video to your website but also think of sharing it with any other popular social media sites. If you can also bring in some fun element or an unexpected twist to your video, it will make it more appealing and impressive. This could also capture larger audience.

Video Marketing

The internet rules the world today and you would only find yourself more successful on cleverly advertising your products on it. Offer something new for your customers to see, experience and purchase. Be as creative as possible and the strategy will definitely work out.

My Best Wishes!! 

About Sanjay Bojan

Sanjay Bojan, an internet analyst, who is keen in observing broadband providers in UK. Also he enjoys to compare broadband service and their marketing strategies followed in different countries across the globe.

  • Mr.Ven


    Well Said…it is required to build a loyal followers/reader (basically, building trust) so that we can make a lot from Internet Marketing. However, all these takes time but once reached the level of success, the returns are so great.


    • Sanjay Bojan

      Very True Mr. Ven. Thanks for your comments

  • fiona@buy cheap backlinks

    Video’s are a very powerful tool for all the reasons mentioned and at least one more – if your video gets indexed in Google and appears in the search results your search result takes up more real estate and stands out.

    • Sanjay Bojan

      Yes . You are right. Again a creative video would stand for a long time.

  • Jian@Print Stickers

    Thanks for these tips. Using social networking sites for business purposes is indeed an effective way to promote one’s product and services. It’s nice that you that you chose to separate Twitter and Facebook because two have different features that people can use for their marketing strategy.

  • Sanjay Bojan

    And they are the ones accessed by all. So its a way of marketing in the most silent way possible.

  • Nicholle Olores

    Great tips ahead and thanks for sharing this information. Facebook and Twitter are great when it comes to internet marketing, as of now many use this to promote their businesses and their products as well.

  • Sajid Khan

    I use my business-card high-quality scanned image file as a signature in my email. Gmail allows to attach images. Business card contains, logo, email and my phone number and my website address. Great to market it on internet!

  • EdiW

    Hi, thank you for interesting information. It’s easy for me now :)