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    Well Said…it is required to build a loyal followers/reader (basically, building trust) so that we can make a lot from Internet Marketing. However, all these takes time but once reached the level of success, the returns are so great.


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      Very True Mr. Ven. Thanks for your comments

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    Video’s are a very powerful tool for all the reasons mentioned and at least one more – if your video gets indexed in Google and appears in the search results your search result takes up more real estate and stands out.

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      Yes . You are right. Again a creative video would stand for a long time.

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    Thanks for these tips. Using social networking sites for business purposes is indeed an effective way to promote one’s product and services. It’s nice that you that you chose to separate Twitter and Facebook because two have different features that people can use for their marketing strategy.

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    And they are the ones accessed by all. So its a way of marketing in the most silent way possible.

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    Great tips ahead and thanks for sharing this information. Facebook and Twitter are great when it comes to internet marketing, as of now many use this to promote their businesses and their products as well.

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    I use my business-card high-quality scanned image file as a signature in my email. Gmail allows to attach images. Business card contains, logo, email and my phone number and my website address. Great to market it on internet!

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    Hi, thank you for interesting information. It’s easy for me now :)