How to Convert Twitter Followers into Your Blog Traffic

Twitter is fast emerging as a social media platform of significance. With more than 300 million users, it does offer you avenues to get traffic for your blog. The methodologies so employed need not be direct. A subtle approach may get you better results. This is because you need to get people interested in order to click a link that leads to your blog. Spamming other people’s time lines with information on your blog would be the perfect strategy on how to repel people away from your blog. The following steps are likely to help you get blog traffic through twitter.

Customize your twitter page: Make the background of your twitter page engrossing. It should reflect on interesting bits about your personality. The graphics may even carry the URL of your blog. As in real life, it helps to stand out amidst a crowd by virtue of the idiosyncrasies of one’s personality.

Place the link in the bio: This is a very obvious but a significant thing to do. As and when people encounter an interesting tweet of yours, curiosity will get them to your page. Then, it is your bio that gets the attention. The link to your blog, placed alongside a captivating yet apt description, will undoubtedly get you traffic as people explore more about you.


Interact: A social network is meant to allow for interaction which is a two way process. To get traffic for your blog you need followers who will regularly read your posts. This requires you to interact with people. Communicate with people will similar interests, just as you do in real life. You may also try and interact with your target audience.

Follow others to get followers: For a non-celebrity, it would be wishful thinking to expect people to know you. People follow the ones they can relate to or the ones they find fascinating. Follow people, start a conversation by answering their tweets. Regular interaction with people brings you more followers.

Make time for twitter: If you have an end to achieve and the means are in place, you need to use them. To increase your follower count and hence the hits to your blog, you need to be regular on twitter. Talk about things that find a mention on your blog. If and when you get queries, you may direct them to your blog.

Place twitter’s widget on your blog: This works on both sides. It gets you followers as well as readers for your blog. A twitter widget on your blog will direct these people to your twitter page. If your tweets can get hold of their attention, you will get more followers and as you post information on your blog posts, you will get regular traffic for your blogs.

Be genuine and interesting:You may need to talk about things that are important to people in order to earn more followers but at the same time it is important to be yourself. Tweet on topics that interest you and are in the trending list. This gives you an opportunity to interact with like-minded people who in turn are likely to appreciate the contents of your blog posts in order to turn regular visitors.

The approach is quite simple yet asks for your time. This is a given because in any domain results require effort. Regular tweeting and interaction will undoubtedly get you more followers and blog traffic.

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    Thanks for nice tips.It’s very useful for increasing traffic.

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    i’m doing these things already. i’m still only getting a trickle. do you have any suggestions for link headline writing?