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    The benefit of reselling hosting is low start up cost to start your own business while not affect to your full time job. Thus, you can start with part time then move to full time when you get sustainable revenue. But the bad thing is there are too many competitors out there.

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      Indeed, Tan. Reseller hosting is a kind of business which could be done in part-time without affecting your other work. As I have stated in my article that, behind every successful business the number of satisfied clients plays a significant role. Hence, before make the reseller hosting business a full-time business it is essential to increase the satisfied customer base. Once the customer base is increased automatically you will see a growth in the revenue as well. The best way to make sure that your customer is satisfied is to take follow-up of the issues forwarded to the original web hosting company. Customer service is the most important factor for building a successful online business.

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    Reseller hosting program is good choice to earn extra income. As we need to make a good amount of satisfied customers. Because customer satisfaction is the base of any product or business.

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    Absolutely, a key to success in the reseller hosting business is the customer satisfaction. A single satisfied customer has the potentials to boost your sales. Satisfying customer needs is another efficient way to earn more customers without spending a single penny on advertising. Word-of-mouth plays a significant role when customers are satisfied with your support and services.