Earn Money Online with Reseller Hosting Program

There are numerous ways to generate revenue online; however the best way amongst them is via Reseller Hosting programs. Those people who are not much familiar with this fresh and popular idea, the basic concept of reseller hosting programs is to purchase a web hosting plan or service in wholesale, and simply sell it at a retail price and earn good profits.

Since, the term “Reseller” itself says that it is just selling the existing web hosting service; hence it is not compulsory to understand the technology behind it. In reseller hosting, technical issues related to hardware, software, network connection and directly forwarded straight to the web hosting support department from whom you have purchased the hosting service. The web hosting provider is the one who deals with the client issues directly. The hosting resellers don’t have to be worried about the issues of the clients.

The hosting resellers can setup their own website hosting business. Nowadays, most of the hosting companies allow hosting resellers to create their own brands and the pricing structure for their hosting business. The advantage of setting up a different name for the business is that the clients will literally have no idea, and will assume that you are the primary hosting service.


Earn Money with Reseller Hosting


Most of the people when starting their own web hosting company opt for Shared Hosting plans. However, it doesn’t mean that there is only one web hosting service you can opt for reselling. There are many website hosting services available in various formats and their prices vary accordingly.

Hosting services such as VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, and Cloud Hosting are also available to resell. Either you can go for a VPS, Dedicated, Cloud package, which offers huge disk space, bandwidth and complete flexibility or you, may choose the Shared hosting plan, which offers limited resources, but are cheap at price. On Internet, there is a wide range of hosting packages available and the space and price varies according to the type of hosting service you choose. So, it is very important to first research the services advantage and disadvantage and then makes a wise decision.

The web hosting accounts you create are completely managed through the WHM control panel. Whenever a client needs to order a domain name, it has to be ordered via the hosting reseller and then setup, manipulate and update their own websites. Usually, the profit you get by reseller a web hosting plan is relatively small; hence it is very much necessary to know that behind every successful business there is a huge client base.

Advertise your company through the most effective methods. If you are good on your budget you may opt for paid advertising and build your brand. The reseller web hosting business could be a simplest way to generate good amount of revenue online if the research and planning are done perfectly.

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  • http://www.customerserviceskills.org/ Tan@customer service skills

    The benefit of reselling hosting is low start up cost to start your own business while not affect to your full time job. Thus, you can start with part time then move to full time when you get sustainable revenue. But the bad thing is there are too many competitors out there.

    • http://www.eukhost.com Mac Wilson

      Indeed, Tan. Reseller hosting is a kind of business which could be done in part-time without affecting your other work. As I have stated in my article that, behind every successful business the number of satisfied clients plays a significant role. Hence, before make the reseller hosting business a full-time business it is essential to increase the satisfied customer base. Once the customer base is increased automatically you will see a growth in the revenue as well. The best way to make sure that your customer is satisfied is to take follow-up of the issues forwarded to the original web hosting company. Customer service is the most important factor for building a successful online business.

  • http://price-in-india.co/ Simora @ Price in India

    Reseller hosting program is good choice to earn extra income. As we need to make a good amount of satisfied customers. Because customer satisfaction is the base of any product or business.

  • http://www.eukhost.com Mac Wilson

    Absolutely, a key to success in the reseller hosting business is the customer satisfaction. A single satisfied customer has the potentials to boost your sales. Satisfying customer needs is another efficient way to earn more customers without spending a single penny on advertising. Word-of-mouth plays a significant role when customers are satisfied with your support and services.