Top 7 Basic SEO Tips Everybody Should Follow!

Before going to discussion, I want to breakdown the term SEO for those people like you who aren’t familiar with SEO.

So what is SEO?
Well, SEO stands for Search engine optimization. SEO is a technique to make any site optimize for search engine. Every day millions of people are using search engine to find out their desire information. So if we can get high search rank, it’s almost guarantee that we will be able to get lots of organic search traffic to our site totally free! That is why SEO is becoming more and more considering factor for any sites success. You just can’t ignore the importance of SEO. So today I am going to provide you some basic seo tips which will make your site much better in search ranking.

Write unique and quality article: All we know that content is king. Yes content is king. People just visit your site for your content not for you unless you are world celebrity. So the first thing is you should write unique and quality article. Always mind it that search engine always loves unique and quality article which people want to read and share.  If you are just copying and pasting some one’s article, you are doing nothing but destroying your sites. Most of the search engine hates copying content and you may easily banned from search results. So never copy other. Just try to write unique and quality article. If people find your article useful, they will surely share your link and you will get lots of backlink to your sites. And those are 100% natural backlink which is the best weapon to get high rank in search engine.

Update regularly: Search engine always loves fresh content. So if you update your site quite regularly, you will get noticed via search engine positively. So you should update as regular as possible.

Keyword research: Keyword research is probably one of the best seo techniques to get well rank for any specific keyword. You may wonder what keyword is. Well, keyword is the word what people type in search engine to find out any information. Keyword may be one single word or a phrase. Suppose you want to find out some information on seo. So you write “SEO TIPS” in your search engine. Here “SEO TIPS” is the keyword. If you search, search engine will come up with search results. You will see those sites in first page of your search results which is ranked high for the keyword SEO TIPS. That is how keyword works. Now you should think about your keyword each time you write any article. Think what people might search to find out your article. And then use that keyword effectively in your article. But don’t repeat keyword too much.

Use keyword in title: Search engine give much value on title. So it’s always good idea to use keyword in title. But many people just forget about that and don’t use keyword in their title.

Internal linking: Links from other sites really helpful for seo. But don’t forget to inter link you own content to each other. This will help your site get noticed more by search engine and will help reader to find out more information within your site as well.

Use image with alt tag: Using image in site not only makes any site looks beautiful, but also give some SEO advantage. There are lots of people out there use image search to find any site.  But while adding image we should use alt tag to provide the keyword. That will help us to get well rank in image search rank.

I hope those basic tips will help you to get well search rank. I will write more articles on seo. So stay with us. Thanks.

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  • openxcell

    This is very informative post. These tips are basic but very effective and the great thing is I implement all these. Thanks for sharing these basic seo tips.

  • juhi

    From what I read SEO is a very good way to gain ranking in search engine like Google and Yahoo. The problem is I use free blog service by Blogspot and want to optimize it. So is there any tips about search engine optimization tips for Blogspot blogger that easy to apply.

  • Mir Imran Elahi

    You should follow these tips and try to write unique and quality article for your blog.

  • Shaokhee@customer service skills

    One more important point – Keyword should appear in both first and last paragraph.

    • Mir Imran Elahi

      More important is Keyword should appear in description meta tag.

  • Ely Katzenbaum

    It’s also importat always to check your site for errors in the code and to review loading times, Google likes neither of these…

    • Mir Imran Elahi

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  • Siv Rauv

    Over the past year I’ve come to realize content marketing is the future of SEO. Google are making it more difficult to rank based on automated SEO software in order for webmasters to focus on creating quality content readers are actually interested in.