How to Get Traffic to a Brand New Blog?

Do you know there are thousands of blog are being created every day? And you would be surprised to know that almost 99% of those blogs fails. Why? Very simple just because those blogs don’t get enough traffic. Oh I am sure you are familiar with the term traffic. But if you are totally newbie you may not familiar with traffic. Simply blog traffic means the visitor who comes to read the blog I mean blog reader.

If you are a blogger you must want visitors to your blog unless you are private blogger and just write for yourself. So you did all your hard work to set up your blog and start writing article to see the visitors to come and read out your blog. You wait and wait and just watching no comments, no retweet, and no facebook share even no visitor. And you are the only reader of your blog. Ok ok I think that’s enough to make you totally disappointed. And you might wonder how gurus out there manage to get traffic to their blog. Believe me there is no secret. It just because they know what they need to do and you don’t since you are newbie. You just need to know they way and in this article I am going to describe how you can do that.

Blog Traffic

It requires times: The real fact is blogging isn’t as easy as it sounds like and you need to do lots of hard work to grow a blog. You just can’t except you will come up with a new blog and tons of people find it and start reading your post. Readership grows over time. So you need to patient. Yes patient.

Be social: Blogging isn’t just writing article and publishing. It’s all about community. And you need to be social. If you just live alone, people won’t get noticed about you. You need to go towards them and make yourself know to them. You should keep in mind that if people don’t come to you, you should go to them. There are lots of social media site out there like facebook, twitter, dig, myspace etc. try to join as many as possible and be active and interact with people. Let them know about your blog.

Comment on other blog: The easiest way to get noticed by other blogger is simply commenting on other blog. In comment section you are allowed to put your blog URL. There are lots of popular blog out there, you just need to read those and leave meaningful comments obviously not like nice post, thanks for sharing etc. always try to leave interesting comments. Its better to leave comment as first or second commentator since most of the people read first few comments. And if they find your comments interesting they will visit your blog. Commenting is the best way to get instant visitors.

Write guest post: If you ask me what’s the best way to get traffic to a new blog. I will answer guest post on other blog. Yes, Guest posting is the best way to get traffic for a new blog. You may wonder what guest post is. Guest post is a post you will write for other blog and you are allowed to describe yourself and your blog little bit with link. If your guest post published, people will know about your blog. And if you write outstanding post, people will surely visit your blog.

Forum posting: Forum is a great place to find targeted visitors for a blog. You will find lots of blog out there on various niches. You just need to find the relevant forum to your blog and join in those forums. In almost every forum you are allowed to put your blog link as signature. So every time you will post in forum, you will get one backlink. You should join at least 3-4 forums and be active. Don’t be spam there. Try to help people their. You should create value in those forums. If you can make it, visitor will flow to your blog.

If you follow those tips, there is no reason not to get traffic to your blog. I hope you enjoyed this article. What do you think? Please feel free to leave comment

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    I am agree with you but here you never mention about unique content, seo and using some technical thing which can be useful for getting traffic for new blog. Even you mention few things which is also be useful , i am not disagree with that, by the by thanks for trying to write about useful tips for blogger.

  • Anil singh

    Nice tricks for getting large traffic but social share and forum posting give us more traffic.

  • Shaokhee@customer service skills

    On/Off page SEO also important to receive more traffic from search engine.

    By the way, I think is time for your to change host as your blog keep showing “Resource Limit Is Reached”.

  • Mika Castro

    This is important not to miss. We are still learning the basic on how to get traffic to a brand new blog. Thank you for sharing this.