The Earnings and Credits of Ghostwriters


A ghostwriter does not perform the same thing that a traditional writer used to do. Usually, they write for others and their writings formally credited to another individual. Executives, Political leaders and Celebrities take the help of a ghost writer to write or edit their autobiographies, or other written material. Ghostwriters also write songs and lyrics for others. Screenplay authors take the help of a ghost writer to rewrite or edit their scripts to improve quality. Though a ghostwriter doesn’t get any credit for their writings, sometimes they are acknowledged by the publisher or author.

Ways to Improve Pay Per Click Campaigns to Get the Best Advertising ROI

Pay Per Click Campaigns

In the Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, there are many interrelated factors that influence the achievement of good or bad results. How to improve your online advertising campaigns depend heavily on advertising goals you’ve marked. We propose different ways to optimize your SEM campaigns positioning, choose what you focus on will depend on your marketing objectives. In this guest post, we have talked about how you should write ads for your campaigns, we have highlight the importance of properly choosing the destination URL to which you link your ads, we suggest that you review the performance of your campaigns as the days and hours of publishing and talk about two tools “AdWords Opportunities” tab and “Conversion Optimizer”, very recommended by Google, however should be used only in certain cases.

How to Improve your Google AdWords Campaign to Sell More?

Google Adwords

When an AdWords ad campaign does not get the expected performance and receives a low ROI, it is almost always due to different causes. If your AdWords campaign is not as cost-effective as it should be, then it is the time to review and change things that help you optimize it. In this post, we […]

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20 Design Resources for Web Developers

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The new budding web developer must be conscious about few astonishing design resources which can be accessed online. Below mentioned are the best 20 design resources for web developers. Continue reading…

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How You Can Make Money From Home?


Many people think that making money through home based jobs is actually a scam. People also believe this accusation, but, what I want to say as a Student, this is not a true charging. There a hundreds of ways to make money from home, but not all of them are proved appropriate for people. However, […]

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3 Things that SEO Companies Do to Check a Domain When Analyzing a Site

Check Mark

SEO companies and managers are extremely careful when they are hired to analyze any website or domain. The reason is simple – They do not know where it has been! So what do they check for? What is the purpose behind those checks? Continue reading…

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